tie dye

Team Tie-Dye Event

August 13, 2013

This fun team activity made an appearance last season as an alternative to puffy paint. It was tons of fun so we’re doing it again! Here's is a list of what we’ll provide, what you need to bring and instructions for your tie-dyed item after you take it home. We hope all the girls can join us for this fun team activity! [Read More] READ MORE

Rails Have Team Tie Dye Event

September 11, 2012

Last year the team began a new tradition of creating t-shirts. Everyone did puffy paint last year, and while the shirts were great, the time committment to make them wasn't. So this year - the t-shirt tradition evolved into using tie dye! Tie dye is a much quicker (though more messy) process, that still allows...[Read More] READ MORE