General Information

The Rails middle school boys’ program is offered to middle schoolers (6th-8th grade) in Norwalk, Carlisle and the southside of Des Moines. All athletes pay $10 to participate, receive a team shirt and get to compete against other middle school teams around the Des Moines Metro. These meets are structured similarly to high school meets and the boys have the opportunity to swim at a citywide meet and earn medals at the end of season.

The middle school team swims 3-5 days week at practices appropriate to the swimmer’s skill level. The middle school team also participates in SDMS club meets that take place during the middle school season to increase the athlete’s exposure to swimming. However, the middle schoolers will also participate in their own meets, as described above.

If the athlete is already a club swimmer for South DM Swimming and is in middle school, they will still need to pay the $10 fee. This is a change from previous years due to a DMPS district policy change. If the swimmer is joining as a new middle school athlete, the athlete can participate for just the middle school season. Or, they can pay an additional $10 and join the club team after the middle school season is over.

If you have any questions about the middle school program, please email Coach Weber.

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