Team Dinners

Team dinners are an opportunity for the swimmers to get together outside of the pool. Parents can sign-up to host a team dinner at the team meeting each year. Generally seven dinners are held before various meets throughout the season, in addition to the Regional meet and team banquet. Dinners can also be held at Lincoln in the Lincoln Commons, hosted by multiple families (due to the size of the team).

The team usually arrives at the host’s home around 6:45 p.m. and stays approximately 60-90 minutes. Menu ideas include pasta, burgers, grilled food and pizza. Side options could be fruit, vegetables or salads. Feel free to offer desert, but remember no pop!

Team Dinner Schedule

*Note: Families are invited to both dinners on 10/27/18 and the team banquet on 11/5/18. These two dinners are mandatory for all swimmers. The Regionals Dinner is where we find out who makes it to State and the team banquet is to celebrate the swim season.

Date Host(s) Location
8/22/18  Meyer
9/10/18  Zaugg Zaugg Household
9/21/18  Mangin/Klinge **Night prior to home invite
9/24/18  Worth & Benson  Benson Household
10/15/18  Groos & Sizemore & Chase  Chase Household
10/26/18  Dooley  Dooley Household
10/27/18  Regionals Night Dinner  Crady Household
10/31/18  Weber (State Athletes Only) Weber Household
11/6/18  Team Banquet Lincoln Commons at 6:00pm
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