Meet Schedule

Swimming/Diving Meet Schedule – 2021

The Rails are known for having a great fans who support the team! And the team loves seeing packed stands at every meet.

Below is the complete schedule and we hope to see you there!

Directions for each meet can be found by clicking on the location name below (when applicable). Bus information (departure time, class dismal times, meet-up location, ect) will be sent to your email the week of the meet(s). Be sure to check your email regularly during season.

Date Time Opponent Location Comments
8/26/21 5:30PM Marshalltown Marshalltown HS
9/2/21 5:30PM WDM Valley Valley HS
9/9/21 5:30PM Carroll Lincoln HS
9/16/21 5:30PM Roosevelt Roosevelt HS
5:30PM SE Polk and Indianola Double Dual
9/21/21  5:30PM East Lincoln HS
9/25/21 11:00AM Pink in the Pool Invite Lincoln HS Diving at 8:30AM
9/28/21  5:30PM North Lincoln HS
10/5/21 5:30PM Hoover Hoover HS
10/12/21 5:30PM Ottumwa Lincoln HS Senior Night
10/18/21 5:30PM Conference Champ Diving TBD
10/19/21 4:30PM Conference Champ Swim Meet TBD
11/4/21 4:30PM Regionals Diving TBD
11/6/21 12:00PM Regionals Swimming TBD
11/12/21 5:00PM State Swim Prelims Marshalltown YMCA
11/13/21 9:00AM State Diving and Swim Finals Marshalltown YMCA Swim at 4PM
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