Thursday Breakfast Club

With all the early morning practices, the Thursday Breakfast Club gives the team something to look forward to each week. Parents can sign-up to bring breakfast at the team meeting each year. Every Thursday the guys have morning practice, we have the Breakfast Club provide food.

The team finishes morning practice on breakfast mornings around 6:45 a.m. Generally, the guys will grab breakfast right away and eat together on the deck. Other times, they get dressed first and grab it on their way out the door. Either way – they appreciate it! Menu ideas include breakfast pizza, fruit and yogurt, cinnamon rolls, casseroles and doughnuts. Drinks can be orange juice, apple juice, chocolate milk and regular milk. Drinks aren’t needed for every breakfast, so be sure to check with Coach Weber in advance.

Thursday Breakfast Club Schedule-2020-21

Date        FOOD                  FOOD
11/25/20  Basinger               @11:00am
12/31/20  Basinger           @11:00am       

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