Pre-Meet Bag Dinner

Due to COVID-19, no pre-meet bag dinners will be offered for 2020-21. 

We’d like to provide a sack-lunch style dinner before each meet (home and away) to all athletes. This goal of this program is to ensure that everyone has a balanced meal before the competition.

Meal Includes
-PB&J sandwich on enriched white bread
-Small bag of goldfish (or similar crackers like Ritz, Cheez-its, ect)
-Fruit (apple, banana, ect) OR snack bar
-Bottle drink (water, sports drink or milk)

Coach Weber will provide all of the ingredients, but needs volunteers for assembly (sandwich-making, bag stuffing, ect). This assembly line can be done at morning practice the day of a meet (and as part of a breakfast drop-off for any Thursday meets) or at your home the night before the meet and sent with your athlete to practice the morning of a meet.

To help volunteer, please sign-up below. While we don’t need multiple volunteers per meet, the more hands helping, the less work required!

Thank you!

Date Meet Opponent Volunteer #1
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