Swim Buddies Announced!

For almost 30 years, the high school girls team has done a team member gift exchange to get pumped up for meets. While the name and style has changed through the years, this fun team activity has stood the test of time.

The current Swim Buddy program pairs two swimmers/divers together for the purpose of exchanging gifts, cards, food, and/or other items before meets. This helps the girls get to know one each other better and get excited for competition.

2018 Swim Buddies List

  • Ellie Sizemore and Lauren Benson
  • Molly Manning and Diana Ward
  • Ripley Berg and Catherine Dooley
  • Ava Zaugg and Emma Peterson
  • Brianna Neifert and Josie Helm
  • Kalani Mangin and Mallory Albright
  • Chloe Pearson and Aubrey Douds
  • Hannah Groos and Ella Worth
  • Emma Chase and Lanchi Nguyen
  • Anika Snow and Tessa Orput
  • Mariah Baenisch and Gaby Espinoza and Jordan Toelle
  • Courtney Meyer and Ali Poli
  • Gina Goshon and Torin Lackmann
  • Keara Schmitt and Kelly Klinge
  • Anna Jasper and Sophie Zeitvogel

Below are few common questions regarding Swim Buddies.

How Are Swim Buddies Decided?
Swim Buddies are created randomly. The team roster is typed into Random.org’s list randomizer and submitted. The results are displayed in a random order and we simply match 1 & 2 together, 3 & 4 together and so on. The only thing we change is if sisters are partnered and some years put dive-only girls together (due to different meets at times).

How Often Do I Give (& Get) Something?
We encourage the girls to work this out between themselves. Some Buddies decide to do something every meet, some only for road trips, and others for a few specific meets during the year.

Wondering what’s common? Normally Buddies exchange gifts at the first meet of the year, a few big meets (or road meets) during season and the last meet of the year.

This is not meant to be a stressful thing so we strongly recommend working out expectations in advance!

What Are Gift Ideas & How Much Do I Spend?
Like above, this is something usually worked out between the girls. Some spend $5+ each gift exchange while others only do homemade treats. Ideas include: Gatorade, water, Goldfish or other crackers, fruit, balloons, candy/cookies (for after the meet!) and similar items.

A typical example of a Swim Buddy gift is: Gatorade/water, Goldfish, a piece of fruit, balloon or homemade “Good Luck” card. But we’ve seen all kinds of fun ideas from Subway to stuffed animals!

Again, we recommend working out gift expectations in the advance so Buddies end up with comparable gifts and there aren’t hurt feelings.

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