Team Bonding Tie Dye Event

This fun team activity made an appearance a few years ago as an alternative to puffy paint. It’s been tons of fun and is officially a team tradition! This year we’re back to doing the event post-time Time Trials (Aug. 11). Time Trials is expected to end around 10:30AM, with tie dye kicking off around 10:45AM. You can read more about the Time Trials meet here.

Below is a list of we’ll provide and what you need to bring.

What We Will Provide
Rit Tie-Dye (available at craft stores or Walmart/Target)
Approx. Colors: Red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, navy blue, royal blue, purple, fuchsia
A limited number of white v-neck t-shirts in small and medium sizes (unisex / men’s sizes)
Plastic wrap
Rubber bands
Print-outs of tie-dying techniques (folds, swirls, double swirls, ect)
Casey’s breakfast pizza during the event (cheese / bacon / sausage)

What You Need to Bring
$5 for tie-dye materials above by Thursday (8/9/18). ($8 if you need a shirt; limited smalls and mediums available)
A white shirt (short-sleeve / long-sleeve / tank-top) if you aren’t planning to buy one from the team
Additional white clothing, towels or bandanas to tie-dye if extra dye is available. We ask one dyed item to begin with please.
Additional colors of Rit Tie-Dye if you have some or would like additional colors not listed above

On Monday (8/13), bring your handy work to practice! We want to see everyone’s and snap pictures of the completed projects.

Note: This is a team building activity. So though parents may be present at practice, we’re asking anyone who is not a Lincoln girls swimmer or coach to head home after the meet and plan to pick up your athlete (if needed) around 11:45AM.

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