Rails See Best Swims at Conference Meet

50 Free - Final Heat

The Rails hosted the CIML Metro Conference Championship meet this past Saturday (1/20) where all the teams from the Metro came together to race for medals and personal best times.

“This meet is always a special one. The guys have a chance to square off against rivals from earlier dual meets. They get to stand atop award podiums celebrating all their hard work. And, since this meet is the last meet for most, many are fully tapered and swimming lifetime best times,” said Coach Weber. “The excitement from the athletes and crowd is different from any other meet.”

The Rails were excited to hit the water Saturday. After winning their first conference championship meet last year, the team was hoping for a repeat. While they came up just a little short (13 points is all!), the guys had impressive races right from the start, with the JV “A” and “B” Medley Relays dropping over 9 seconds each. From there, the fast times continued until the very last event, when the Rails won the Varsity 400 Free Relay in an untapered best time – 3:26.20!

By the end, the Rails had earned 17 individual podium spots, with multiple Rails on the podium in six of the eight individual events. Plus, the Rails won two of the three relays. We also awarded five Sub Club shirts!

Final Scores
Roosevelt – 453
Lincoln – 440
East – 327
Ottumwa – 257
Hoover/North – 133

Meet Highlights
The majority of the Rails were fully tapered for the Conference Championship Meet, making it their last meet of the season. The meet highlights below will focus on those swimmers. Districts limits the number of entries into the meet (ex: only one relay per team). Great job guys!

  • Rails JV Medleys each dropped nine seconds!
    • Rails “A” of Webster (30.89), Basinger (36.42), Filippelli (30.41) and Thomas (27.25) took 4th with a 2:04.97 (-9.94 seconds)
    • Rails “B” of Kessler (34.62), Gudenkauf (35.56), Nguyen (32.43), Loiocomo (26.77) took 5th with a 2:09.93 (-9.73 seconds)
  • Rails Varsity Medley (McCollough, Slycord, Santiago, Neifert) took 4th and dropped 1.20 seconds!
  • Konnor Klocke won the 200 Free with a 1:54.46 (-2.75 seconds, PB time). Plus – Espinoza and Worthington took 3rd and 7th!
  • In 200 IM Varsity:
    • Shawn Slycord took 2nd with a 2:15.83
    • Keaton Basinger took 8th with a 2:35.04 (-4.04 seconds, PB time)
    • Nico Filippelli took 10th with a 2:45.78 (-10 seconds, PB time)
  • In the JV 50 Free:
    • Matthew Gudenkauf dropped to a personal best time of 26.45 (-.66 of a second) and took 2nd place
    • Trysten Thomas took 4th overall with a personal best time of 26.69 (-.34 of a second)
    • Michael Scott swam a 27.33
    • Anthony Nguyen dropped .80 of a second to a 27.39 (PB time)
    • Joey Loiocomo swam a 27.93
    • Reid May swam a 28.07
    • Alec Kessler dropped over second to a 29.79 (PB time)
  • Rails dominate the Varsity 50 Free with a 1, 4, 5, finish! Congrats Brayden Clark (23.07), Will Bennett (23.75) and Logan Neifert (24.09)
  • In Varsity 100 Fly:
    • Javier Santiago took 3rd with a personal best 56.41 (-.30 of a second)
    • Konnor Klocke took 4th with a personal best 59.95 (-.26 of a second)
    • Gabe McCollough dropped 1.33 seconds to a 1:02.70 taking 6th by .02 of a second!
  • In the JV 100 Free:
    • Derek Webster took 3rd with a 57.10 (-2.34 seconds)
    • Trystan Thomas swam a PB 58.95 (-.88 of a second) and earned his Sub 60 shirt
    • Michael Scott swam a PB 59.12 (-4.48 seconds!) and earned his Sub 60 shirt
    • Joey Loiocomo swam a PB 59.48 (-1.45 seconds) and earned his Sub 60 shirt
    • Anthony Nguyen swam a PB 1:00.29 (-5.58 seconds!)
    • Reid May swam a PB 1:01.74 (-2.68 seconds)
    • Nico Filipelli swam a PB 1:07.81 (-3.53 seconds)
    • Noah Schumacher swam a PB 1:08.77 (-5.37 seconds!)
  • Rails Varsity 100 Free swimmers took 3rd (Clark), 6th (Bennett) and 8th (Neifert)!
  • The Varsity 500 swimmers took 2nd, 3rd and 6th! Nice swims Espinoza, McCollough, Worthington!
  • JV Sprint Relays took 1st, 2nd and 7th!
    • Rails “A” of Espinoza, McCollough, Worthington, Scott took 3rd with a 1:44.91
    • Rails “B” of Schumacher, May, Filipelli and Kessler took 7th with a 1:54.81
  • Varsity 200 Free Relay (Neifert, Klocke, Bennett, Clark) took first by .14 of a second! Final time – 1:32.84 (-2.88 of a second)
  • Alec Kessler swam a PB time of 1:18 in the JV 100 Back and took 5th!
  • Javier Santiago won the varsity 100 Back in a 57.13! Griffin McCollough moved up to take 6th overall!
  • Noah Schumacher in the JV 100 Breaststroke with a 1:2o.28 (-1.17 of a second, PB time)
  • Shaun Slycord moved up in the 100 Breaststroke to take 4th with a PB time of 1:11.88 (-2.21 seconds)
    • Keaton Basinger took 10th overall with a PBt 1:19.70 (-2.98 seconds)
    • Matthew Gudenkauf swam a PB 1:20.43 (-2.21 seconds)
  • In the JV 400 Free Relay took 1st, 5th and 7th!
    • Rails “A”  of Espinoza, Ga. McCollough (Sub 55), Slycord, Webster took 1st place 3:41.30 (-3.21 seconds)
    • Rails “B” of Worthington, Gudenkauf, Loiocomo, Thomas took 5th with a 3:57.01 (-4.72 seconds)
    • Rails “C” of Nguyen (Sub 60), Scott, May, Basigner took 7th with a 4:01.85 (-15.49 seconds)
  • Rails Varsity 400 Free Relay (Klocke, Santiago, Bennett, Clark) won a big race in 3:26.20 (-3.81 seconds)

Below are some photos from the meet. Be sure to check out the team’s photo website (link in the upper corner or under Photo Sites Archive) to view tons more.



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