Help Raise Funds For Rails Booster

The Rails Swim teams are supported in large part by the club swim team, South Des Moines Swimming (SDMS). SDMS is the official feeder program for Rails Swimming, developing swimming talent in athletes from age 5 to 18.

SDMS recently launched it’s first-ever program-wide fundraiser. And we could use the help of all of our Rails Swimming fans and supporters to make a difference!

Check out this infographic flier for the key reasons why SDMS is tackling a big fundraiser now. It also explains some ways that SDMS helps support the Rails.

Without the club’s support, the high school teams wouldn’t receive state gifts or celebratory t-shirts. And that includes all the “Sub Club” shirts that we showcase on Instagram. We wouldn’t be able to offer special breakfasts after a tough week of practice or cool team bonding events like tie-dye and group head-shaving.

SDMS is trying to continue to build Southside Swimming (that includes Norwalk and Carlisle!) into something special. After 13 years, those efforts are paying off! In 2017 – both the men’s and women’s high school teams won two metro conference titles (both the regular season and the championship meet itself). Those achievements are possible because of the SDMS swimmers who have aged-up into high school swimming.

With the SDMS program, the club and high school teams work together. As another Lincoln coach said well: we’re not investing in our facilities, we’re investing in our athletes! We’re investing in every medal that sits on the graduation table, every favorite memory they recall to family and friends, and every life skill they learned by being part of a team.

Below are few common questions. If you have more, please let us know!


  • Where do I donate? 
    You can donate online at Generosity – You can also donate offline via check.
  • What are some ways that SDMS has donated to Rails Swimming over the last year or so?
    SDMS has given:
    – State gifts and the state experience for men’s and women’s swimming
    – State t-shirts for the entire team (men’s and women’s) to enjoy
    – Every Sub club (or Point Club) t-shirt that’s been given to an athlete (approx. 20 in just 2017)
    – Replacing equipment that’s been broken (like a new computer to run the swim meets)
    – Adding new equipment to make the training/meet experience better (like the new pace clocks used during sets)
    – Building new award stands so that the Rails can host big meets like the MS Girls City Meet and HS Men’s Metro Conf. Championships
    – And so much more, from small things to big things (and that’s just for 2017!)
  • Is there a limit?
    No. You can donate as much or as little as you like. Even $10 helps cover an hour of payroll!
  • Why is Generosity is asking me for more money than I chose to donate?
    Generosity is the only fundraising platform that gives basically 100% of the donations to the organization/person raising funds. Other sites (GoFundMe, etc) take 10%-15% of your donation to help their cover costs. Generosity asks instead if you’d like to donate a percentage to the company to help keep it free for fundraisers like ours. They default to a certain percent, but you can raise / lower to any amount (even none).
  • Is there a gift for donating?
    Yes! You’ll see the donation rewards listed for a several dollar amounts along the right side of the page (desktop / tablet view). Rewards start at $50 and go up $2500. There are individual rewards and business rewards. Sports sponsorship is a great way for local businesses to get community recognition at an affordable price.
  • Can I (or my company) donate an amount not listed?
    Yes! You can select a custom amount. Just click the orange “Donate Now” button. If you’re company would like to donate more than $2500 and would like to discuss other options for the business rewards, please contact us.
  • When does the fundraiser end?
    We’re planning on having the fundraiser in December. We don’t have a firm deadline, but we also understand many families will be turning their attention to the holiday season around this time.
  • Will SDMS do additional fundraisers?
    No, we don’t plan on it. We have not done a large ask like this ever before in 10 years! We hope we don’t have to ask again for a long time. Of course, we can’t guarantee anything because things change (rent, district policies, cost of goods, etc). But we hope this fundraiser will allow us to keep our rates the same for a 4th straight year for most practice levels. We know having consistent registration fees is important to our families.

We truly appreciate your support!

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