Rails Win First Conf. Champ Meet in School History!

The Conference Championship Meet was held 10/18 (diving) and 10/19 (swimming). The Rails were focused on making school history for their 50th season, setting their sights on the elusive conference championship meet which had never been won by the girls team.

Until now.

The Rails kicked off the meet taking the top three spots in diving. That dominating performance was followed up by the Rails winning the medley relay in .18 of a second. From there, the girls kept up their intensity in the pool. The Rails had 23 individual podium appearances and won all three varsity relays!

“This is a great moment for the team. The girls set this win as a goal to mark a major historic milestone during our 50th anniversary season. And here we are,” said Coach Weber. “Tonight has been 13 seasons in the making, a culmination of years of effort by the athletes, their families and the coaches. There is no better feeling than seeing all that hard work pay off and we’ll celebrate tonight. But come tomorrow, it will be time to refocus for the upcoming regional meet.”

Final Scores
Lincoln – 545
Roosevelt – 498
East – 286
Ottumwa – 256
Hoover– 125
North– 113

Diving Recap
The diving portion of the meet featured seven divers, three from Lincoln, three from Roosevelt, and one from North. The Rails divers did awesome earning the top three spots for the second straight year.

  • Jolynn Harris became a four-time conference meet champion with her score of 493.60!
  • Chloe Pearson dove a personal best score – 389.25, moved up to third all time in the Top 5 list, and took 2nd for the second straight year!
  • Haley Allen dove a season-best score (296.95), conquered her reverse dive and took third for the second straight year!

The divers helped set the team up for the swimming portion of the meet which was held the next day.

Swimming Recap
The swimming portion the meet featured several swimmers getting best times! All the JV swimmers and some varsity swimmers were fully tapered for the Conference Championship Meet, due to the Regionals meet entry limitations. The below highlights will focus mostly on those girls since it’s their last meet (or last relays) of the season. Great job ladies!

  • Rails JV Medleys took first and second!
    • Rails “A” of Mangin (32.85), Orput (34.61), Worth (30.98), and Benson (28.43) took first with a 2:06.87 (-1.30 seconds)
    • Rails “B” of Allen (32.43), Chase (37.36), Ward (30.72), Nguyen (28.42) took second with a 2:08.93 (-6.18 seconds)
  • Rails Varsity Medley (Marquis, Dooley, Zaugg, Poli) won by .18 of a second!
  • Gina Goshon took third in the JV 200 Free with a 2:47.49
  • 200 Free Varsity swimmers (Snow, Sizemore and Crady) took 3rd, 4th and 5th!
  • 200 IM Varsity swimmers (Zaugg, Lackmann, Meyer) took 2nd, 5th and 7th!
  • In the JV 50 Free:
    • Emma Chase dropped to a personal best time of 29.39 (-.35 of a second) and earned third place
    • Tessa Orput swam a 29.53 (-.57 of a second) for a personal best and took 4th place
    • Kelly Klinge took 5th place with a 29.63 (.74 of a second) and a personal best
    • Madelyn Dowling swam a personal best time of 29.74 (.39 of a second) and took 6th place
    • Gabi Espinoza swam a 29.83 (-1.09 seconds)
    • Josie Helm swam a 30.26
    • Chloe Dougherty swam a 30.67 (-1.45 seconds)
    • Mariah Baenisch swam a 31.03 (-.77 of a second)
    • Emma Peterson swam a 33.70 (-1.15 seconds)
  • Rails dominate the Varsity 50 Free with a 1, 2, 3, finish! Congrats Cat Dooley (26.54), Ali Poli (26.89) and Kalani Mangin (27.18)
  • Varsity 100 Fly swimmers (Marquis, Zaug and Worth) took 1st, 3rd, and 6th!
  • In the JV 100 Free:
    • Lanchi Nguyen won in a 1:02.80 (-2.87 seconds)
    • Gabi Espinoza took second with a 1:06.06 (-.95 of a second)
    • Madelyn Dowling swam a 1:07.28 (.45 of a second) and took 4th place
    • Gina Goshon took 5th place with her time of 1:14.85 (-2.42 seconds)
    • Emma Peterson had a drop of 3.06 seconds and swam a 1:17.63. She took 6th place
    • Anna Jasper swam a 1:20.10 (-4.74 seconds)
  • Rails Varsity 100 Free swimmers took 1st (Snow), 3rd (Ward & Sub :60!) and 8th (Benson)
  • The Varsity 500 swimmers took 2nd, 5th and 7th! Nice swims Sizemore, Crady and Helm
  • JV Sprint Relays took 1st, 2nd and 7th!
    • Rails “A” of Benson, Chase, Sizemore, Crady won with a 1:55.84
    • Rails “B” of Espinoza, Dowling, Nguyen, Helm took second with 1:58.63 (-4.92 seconds)
    • Rails “C” of Klinge, Baenisch, Jasper, Goshon took 7th with a 2:13.25 (-1.25 seconds)
  • Snow, Marquis, Dooley and Poli won the Varsity 200 Free Relay in a season-best 1:45.27 (-1.34 seconds)
  • Haley Allen won the JV 100 Back in a 1:10.45 (-3.15 seconds) and swam a personal best!
    • Ella Worth took 2nd with a 1:11.78 (-1.19 seconds)
    • Kelly Klinge took 7th with a 1:21.30
  • Rails Varsity 100 Backstrokers took 2nd, 3rd and 4th! Congrats Marquis, Mangin and Meyer!
  • Emma Chase took 2nd in the JV 100 Breastroke with a 1:22.93
    • Mariah Baenisch took 5th with a 1:28.80 (-.88 of a second)
    • Chloe Dougherty took 6th with a 1:29.97 (-3.95 seconds)
  • Rails Varsity 100 Breaststrokers (Dooley, Lackmann, and Orput) took 2nd, 3rd and 7th!
  • In the JV 400 Free Relay took 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th!
    • Rails “A”  of Ward, Benson, Cardy, Poli took 1st place 4:09.24
    • Rails “B” of Helm, Dowling, Espinoza and Meyer took 2nd with a 4:22.45 (-3.70 seconds)
    • Rails “C” of Allen, Worth, Orput, Baenisch took 3rd with a 4:38.99 (-3.71 seconds)
    • Rails “D” of Goshon, Peterson, Jasper, Dougherty took 6th in 5:10.61
  • Rails Varsity 400 Free Relay (Sizemore, Mangin, Zaugg, Snow) won a big race in 3:54.98 (-2.10 seconds)
    • Snow anchored in an impressive 55.96!

Below are some photos from the meet. More can be viewed on the team’s photo website. Just log-in. Some photos below were taken by the DMPS photographers. They are noted in the file name and copyrighted retaining all rights. Check out all of the DMPS Photos here.


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