Meet The Freshmen

We are very excited to welcome these 9th graders to the Rails Swim/Dive team! This group features athletes from Norwalk, Carlisle and the Southside of Des Moines. These young ladies are the building blocks for the future, but their contributions this season shouldn’t be overlooked. Learn a little more about each girl below.

Mariah Baenisch | Mariah’s main goal for the season to swim the 50 Free in 30 seconds (or less!). She attends Carlisle High School and is involved in band and choir. Mariah is most looking forward to the Thursday Breakfast Club.

Emma Chase | Emma’s goals this season include dropping to a 1:20 in her 100 Breaststroke and making the Regionals team. She also participates in band, show choir, track and student senate and attends Norwalk High School. Emma is looking forward to developing a close relationship with her teammates.

Josie Helm | Josie’s main goal for the 2017 season is to drop time in all of her events. She’s most looking forward to becoming closer with everyone on the team.

Chloe Marquis | Chloe’s main goal for this season is to make it to State. She’s looking forward to making new friends and is one of our Norwalk students.

Courtney Meyer | Courtney’s goal for this season is to qualify for State. She’s excited about the meets and the food.

Torin Lackmann | Torin’s main goal is to make it State. She attends Norwalk High School and is involved in track, band and student senate. Torin’s excited to go to team dinners and eat the delicious food.

Tessa Orput | Tessa’s main goal for season to drop time in the 100 Breaststroke. She also participates in track and attends Carlisle High School.

Ellie Sizemore | Ellie’s goal for the season is to earn her Sub :60 shirt for the 100 Free. Ellie is one of our Norwalk students and also participates in basketball. She’s most looking forward to bonding with her teammates.

Anika Snow | Anika’s goals this season are to swim the 100 Free in under a minute and the 50 Free in 26 seconds. She is homeschooled and participates in homeschool choir. She is also an advanced pianist. Anika is excited about spending time with her teammates and getting to know them more, as well as setting personal bests.

Ava Zaugg | Ava’s goal for season is qualify for State. She’s looking forward to swimming with her Lincoln teammates.

Individual Photos

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