Meet The Seniors – Haley Allen

Haley Allen is a 4-year varsity member of the team. She’s the only person on the team who is a swimmer and a diver. Which means for four straight seasons, she’s attended both dive practices and swim practices to improve her skills. She was awarded the Spirit Jacket for the 2016 season as well as the Most Improved Award for Varsity. Read more about Haley below.

Years on the team: 4 years

Years spent swimming: 7 years

Years spent diving: 4 years

Biggest Swimming Accomplishment: Making varsity all 4 years and earning my 300 Point Club shirt for diving

Favorite Win: Taking 6th place overall at Regional Diving in 2016

Favorite Swimming Quote(s): “When you dive in, all the noise and sights surrounding you disappear and all that is left is the water.”

Message For the Team: Never let things that seem too hard or pointless make you stop doing what you love.

Coach’s Comments: “Haley is a testament to perseverance. Her ability to get back up and try again and again to improve on a dive is an inspiration to others. Haley has shown that hard work and putting in extra time will result in improvements. I think her ability to stick with something in the face of challenges will be a benefit to her throughout her life.”

-Tereca Weber, Dive Coach

“Haley has been one of the team’s hardest workers for all four years. Keeping up with both sides of the sport has required extra effort on her part and she’s continued to succeed. Haley cheers for her teammates, leads by example in practices and meets, and doesn’t get discouraged easily. I have no doubt these traits will help her going forward as well.”

-Brayton Weber, Head Swim Coach

Additional High School Activities: National Honor Society Treasurer

Favorite TV Shows and/or Movies: 13 Reasons Why, Riverdale, Once Upon A Time, Pretty Little Liars

Future Plans: Attending a four year college and major in elementary education with a minor in mathematics

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