Meet The Seniors – Alexis Trucano

Alexis Trucano is a 4-year varsity swimmer. Before high school, she swam for years on the club and girls middle school team. Alexis has been an important piece on the team for years, anchoring important relays and swimming in key events. Read more about Alexis below.

Years on the team: 4 years

Years spent swimming: 7 year

Biggest Swimming Accomplishment: Going to regionals the last three years and meeting the new girls who come in every year.

Favorite Win: Out-touching the RHS girls when Grace and I went 1st and 2nd in that event.

Favorite Swimming Quote(s): “I may not be the strongest. I may not be the fastest. Bust you can bet I work my hardest. It’s been told that swimming is a wimp sport, but I don’t see it. We don’t get timeouts in the middle of a race; we can’t stop and catch our breath and can’t ask for a substitution. – Dusty Hicks”

Message For the Team: The strongest team of people isn’t always the team who will win. It’s the team who doesn’t give up when things get hard who wins overall.

Coach’s Comments: “Alexis has been an important swimmer for years. The team relied on her to help qualify a relay to State in 2014 and several other key moments during the last four years. Alexis’s time on the team is coming to end, but I know she has some big things planned for her senior season and beyond.”

-Brayton Weber, Head Swim Coach

Additional High School Activities: Track (thrower)

Favorite TV Shows and/or Movies: Pretty Little Liars, Big Brother, Once Upon A Time, The Fast & The Furious movie franchise and Vampire Diaries

Future Plans: Attending college to graduate with a four-year degree

Last Comments: Go out and do your best because you should be able to say, “I left it all in the pool.”

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