Team Banquet Celebrates Great Season

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The high school women’s team concluded their season with the team banquet on Tuesday evening (11/8/16).  The girls and their families all gathered to celebrate the hard work and the successful year. After a delicious dinner (by Tumea and Son’s), the girls were awarded their junior varsity or varsity letters. After that, team awards were announced. You can read more about each award below.

This year’s award winners are:

MVP Award: Sara Bennett and Jolynn Harris
Tom Cady Achievement Award: Sara Bennett 
Rookie of the Year: Cat Dooley
Most Improved: Haley Allen (V) and Lanchi Nguyen (JV)
Workhorse Award: Erica Benson (V) and Kylie Lynch (JV)
Spirit Award: Haley Allen
Team Captains: Sara Bennett and Marnie Hoefler

Season Summary

The 2016 Lincoln Girls swim team worked hard day in and day out to leave their mark in the history books at Lincoln High School. They were the most prepared team in Coach Weber’s tenure, as they had spent the previous 11 months participating in off-season training. The dedication to their sport paid off when they inked their names in eight Rails Top 5 All Times.

Grace Crady and Cat Dooley earned their sub :60 shirts for swimming. While Haley Allen and Chloe Pearson earned their 300 Point Club shirts for diving. Sara Bennett set the 200 Free record and Jolynn Harris re-broke the 6 dive and 11 dive records. She also took 4th overall at the state meet!

The team finished second at the Metro Conference Championship meet and in the overall conference standings. They ended the season 6-5 overall.

This Season Summary is also found under the “Women’s Swimming” tab.


Below are a few photos from the banquet. More can viewed on the team’s photo website.

Award Information

Most Valuable Player (Outstanding Swimmer or Diver of the Year Award): This award is given to a swimmer/diver that displays team leadership and excellent swimming abilities.  Prior to 2005, the award was given only to those who had been members of the team for at least two years. In 2005, the requirements were changed to allow a swimmer of any age displaying outstanding leadership skills and ability to receive the MVP award.

Tom Cady Achievement Award: This award was created and started with the Girls Swim Team in 2007, 40 years after Tom Cady first became a Lincoln swim coach. It’s given out to a swimmer or diver that displays a year-long dedication to the sport of swimming, and thus a dedication to the Lincoln Swim Team.  This award recognizes swimmers or divers for their dedication, not just their ability. This award was dedicated to Tom to thank him for his life long dedication to the sport of swimming and, more specifically, to Lincoln High School.

Rookie of the Year: This award is given to the best “rookie” of the season. It recognizes a team newcomer for their contributions made to the team including ability, dedication and success in competition. The award doesn’t have to be given to a freshman, but rather can be awarded to any swimmer who completed their first season on the team.

Most-Improved: This award can be awarded using two sets of criteria, the swimmer that improved the most during one season or the swimmer that improved the most from the prior season. Often, there is a winner using each set of criteria because both improvements deserve recognition and acknowledgement.

Workhorse Award: This award, simply put, is given to the athlete who works the hardest. They are at practice on time, don’t miss sets during practice, and don’t miss practices in general. They put a lot of effort into the season, and this award recognizes that hard work.

Spirit Award: This award was founded in 2006. Old warm-ups were found in the pool area, but one set was different from the rest and became the Spirit Award.  The award recognizes the swimmer who is the team’s greatest supporter. She motivates the other girls, cheers during meets, organizes social activities and more. This swimmer is often the glue that helps keep the team together during the long, tough season. The winner receives a plaque, their name embroidered on the warm-ups, and they add something of their own to the outfit. The entire Spirit Award collection is housed in a box that stays with the winner each season.

Team Captains: Team Captains are awarded at the end of each season by the coaches. Several captains are chosen throughout the season before each meet to motivate the team. Being a Meet Captain is tied to that week’s performance and effort in practice. The Team Captains are the athletes that demonstrated great leadership ability throughout the season on a consistent basis.

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