Meet The Seniors – Jordan Hanson

Jordan Hanson swims both Varsity and Junior Varsity events.  She’s a Norwalk student athlete who’s made the trip to Lincoln High School every morning and afternoon for practice for four straight seasons. When she’s not swimming her events at meets, she’s cheering for her teammates and motivating them to do their best. Read more about Jordan below.

Years on the team: 4 years

Years spent swimming: 9 years

Biggest Swimming Accomplishment: I’m still alive

Favorite Win: Carroll, my freshman year (2013)

Favorite Swimming Quote(s): “I hate swimming. Let me drown.” – Senior, Marie Hoefler
“I’m past patiently waitin’, I’m passionately smashin’ every expectation.” – Hamilton, the musical

Message For the Team: You just have to push through everything, all the tough practices and hard sets to get to the fun things, like winning meets and having fun with your team. It really is worth it.

Coach’s Comments: “Jordan has grown as a swimmer during her four years on the team. I’m glad to see Jordan stick with it and continue to adapt to the sport. This skill has been key for her as the team continues to diversify, causing her role on the squad to change from year to year. No doubt, that same flexibility will help her in the future as she tackles college and everything to follow.”

-Brayton Weber, Head Swim Coach

Additional High School Activities: Choir, Show Choir

Favorite TV Shows and/or Movies: The Office (TV show) and Harry Potter (movie)

Future Plans: Going to college and studying English and Creative Writing. I plan to become rich and famous and will own 17 cats and dogs.

Last Comments: I’ll miss the team (and Marnie’s dancing).

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