Save the Dates! Rails Have a Busy Week!

It might only be the second week of season, but the team already has a busy schedule! Below are key dates to remember for this week, with additional details about each event.

Norwalk Fall Fest | Aug. 18 at 6:00PM – This event is Norwalk High School’s kickoff for fall sports. For the first time, we’re trying to coordinate having most (ideally all!) of the team there wearing Norwalk t-shirts. Though this event is not required, being there shows great support for our Norwalk teammates who attend similar Lincoln events. Plus – we thought it’d be fun to be decked out in NHS school colors. The Norwalk girls will have t-shirts for their fellow teammates to borrow. Parents – you can coordinate rides to the event with teammates who drive and Coach Weber. Plan to pick up your athlete at Norwalk High School or coordinate a return ride with a teammate. Please note – Coach Weber will not be returning to Lincoln following this event.

LHS Chicken Bowl | Aug. 19 at 6:00PM – This long-time tradition for Lincoln athletics is the kickoff for all fall sports and all team members are required to attend. Please wear your team t-shirts to this event (and keep them nice for pictures the next day). All fall sports will be announced beginning promptly at 6:00PM with a football scrimmage to follow. The swim/dive team is traditionally announced early in the program and we expect t0 be done by 6:30PM. Coach Weber will say a few words about our team and the upcoming season and announce the 2016 senior class by name.  Please note, this is also a fundraiser for the school so there is an admission fee for all non-athletes, which does not include the cost of food. Parents – it is your responsibly to pick up your daughter from this event. Coaches will not be staying until the Chicken Bowl ends.

Team Slumber Party | Aug. 19 – This fun team activity is open to all team members. Following the team presentation at the Chicken Bowl, swimmers/divers are welcome to head to the Bennett home (in Norwalk) to enjoy a team event! Please RSVP to Sara or Mrs. Bennett. Also – be sure to stay in contact with Sara at the Chicken Bowl for a departure time to her house since the timing will be a little flexible due to the event.

Team Pictures | Aug. 20 at 9:15AM – Wear your team t-shirt and dark denim jeans for team pictures. Pictures will start being taken promptly at 9:30AM, which is why we’re asking all swimmers to report at 9:15AM. We’ll start with individual photos, to allow the divers to finish getting ready. Then we’ll take the group photo followed by buddy photos (small groups of swimmer/divers). We will be shooting to have all photos done by 11AM (the standard end time for Saturday practices) but the sooner we get pictures completed, the sooner everyone can go home. Divers – you have practice from 7-8:45AM and should report to the front entrance of Lincoln by 9:45AM for your individual photos. Parents – please plan to pick your daughters by 11:00AM (unless they are in the Varsity poster picture).

Varsity Poster Picture | Aug. 20 following team pictures – Final attire to be posted soon (Tentatively black). If you are varsity team member, please plan to stay for the poster picture. Full details will be communicated at practice and posted here.

Back-To-The-Board Dive Invite | August 22 at 5:00PM – The Rails are hosting this first annual varsity diving invite. Diving warm-ups will start at 3:00PM. Monday’s afternoon practice will be lanes 1-4 only because the swim team will only have four lanes open for practice. We encourage all team members to stay for the meet to support the divers at their first competition of the season.

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