Meet The Seniors: Davide Pacini

DPacini_SeniorDavide Pacini
Years on the team: 1 (swam in Italy before coming to USA)

Other Activities: Tennis

Biggest Swimming Accomplishment: Getting the Sub :60 and Sub :55 shirts in the same day!

Favorite Memory: The first day that I had practice with the team (even if I didn’t understand very well), I felt myself be part of the team. These guys are awesome!

Advice to the Team: Free your mind. Take your mark. Jump in the water. And swim as fast as you can.

Future Plans: Return to home to Italy to finish the last year of Italian high school. After that, I’ll study architecture in college, but I don’t know where yet.

Coach’s Comments: I’ve only known Davide for a short time but I’m glad he was able to part of our team this year! He is a hard-working young man and, even when pushed to his limits, has preserved through the practices.  I hope to see him reach new heights in swimming the rest of this season, particularly having the unique experience of competing at state. I wish him the best when he returns home to Italy.

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