Meet The Seniors: Anna Dotts

We’d like to introduce our seniors in the Meet The Seniors series. These posts offer a great chance for all of our fans to see what wonderful young ladies help lead our team as we near Senior Night 2015.

Anna Dotts

ADotts1Anna is a Varsity swimmer of the Lincoln Girls’ Swim team and swam on the middle school and club teams prior to that. Her older sisters were also members of the swim team. Anna really blossomed as a distance swimmer and earned the 2015 Summer Off-Season Training Award (an iPad!). Anna has been a team leader, frequently organizing team functions and motivating girls at practice.

Years on the team: 4 years

Years spent swimming: 9 years

Favorite Win: Grinnell Invite 2015

Favorite Swimming Memory (so far!): Getting to know the team and hanging out.

To Me “Swimming is….”: Swimming is my home. I know that I can always go to the pool whenever and getting in the water makes me feel much better.

Message to the Team: “Swimming is going to hurt no matter what. Even if you get a slow time, it will hurt. So you might as well make it worth it and throw it all out.”

Coach’s Comments: “Anna continues to surprise people with her distance events. I encouraged her to give them a try at the start of sophomore year and she’s really come into her element. Anna is also an excellent team leader. She organizes team-bonding activities, helps the underclassmen know expectations and motivates the girls in practice and at meets. But she does it with more than her words, she leads by example. Anna didn’t miss a single day of summer off-season this year. Simply put, she exemplifies hard work and dedication.”  -Head Coach, Brayton Weber

Additional High School Activities: Band (Drum Major), Varsity Track, Jazz Band, PepADotts3 Band, President of NHS, Leader of FCA, member of NCYL.

Favorite TV Shows and/or Movies: Frozen!

Future Plans: Go to Iowa for Nursing, get my BSN and become an RN. Then join the Peace Corps for two years!

Final Comments: Training 20 hours a week just to drop .01 seconds is worth it in the end. Also we get to see the most sunrises of any other athlete!



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