Men’s Swimmer Grabs Scholarship & Earns Scholar Athlete of the Year

TC_Meline Scholarship_2015

Matt Meline and Tom Chidley

Congratulations Tom Childey! At Lincoln High School’s 2015 Class Night (5/22), Tom earned two big awards – Scholar Athlete of the Year and the Meline Family Swim Scholarship. Well-done Tom!

About Tom

Tom was a four-year varsity swimmer for the Lincoln Rails men’s swim team. He attended the state swim meet three years in a row and is featured four times on the Men’s Swimming Top 5 All-Time list. “Tom proved himself to be a leader in the pool and in the classroom. He was, and continues to be, a motivator for the guys,” says Coach Weber. “He’s a living proof of what hard-work and determination can achieve.” Tom ended his senior season earning two prestigious team awards – the MVP Award and the Tom Cady Achievement Award.

Scholar Athlete of the Year Award

Lincoln High School’s Scholar Athlete of the Year Award is given to one senior athlete (male and female) every year. The recipient must maintain a strong academic performance while also participating in varsity athletics. With a graduating class of approximately 400 students each year, receiving this award is a significant achievement!

Meline Family Swim Scholarship

2015 is the first year of this annual scholarship. This scholarship was set up to recognize and reward a Lincoln High School swimmer who portrays the traits of a strong team leader with a stellar academic record who is involved in volunteering their time outside of school and activities. The scholarship provides a four-year monetary commitment to each recipient.



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