Rails Aim for State at Saturday’s District Meet

The Rails have big goals for Saturday’s district meet, held at Roosevelt High School. The guys are looking to send multiple events to state and see big time drops across the board.

See more meet information below. We hope to see our Rails fans rocking their FAN T-SHIRTS and cheering loudly. Be sure to sit together for maximum noise and cheer power!

Meet Info
Start time: 12:30PM
Cost: $8/person
A limited quantity a district T-shirts will be for sale. Typically these are $15/shirt.

Other Things to Know

  • Saturday’s meet is the only chance the guys have to make it to state. All across the state, district meets are being held and the only the Top 24 times in each event will make the cut.
  • The team, parents, fans, families, etc are welcome to go to the Worth’s house immediately following the meet (apprx 4:30PM). This district celebration is where we all gather to find out if/what qualified.
    • Note: We ask that you please stay off your mobile devices so we can announce it together

Up Next:
Friday, February 6th: Head-shaving party at Lincoln

Go Rails!

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