Coming Soon: New Blocks!


Side angle view

We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be getting new blocks! After generous donations by BLH, Lincoln Athletics, SDMS, swimming alums and several Southside businesses, we raised the all of the money needed for new blocks – $19,000!

This new style of block is designed to improve starts, especially when using the foot choke. A foot choke runs across the back of the block providing a platform for the swimmer to push off of which improves their start’s power and momentum. Now that they’re legal for Iowa high school swimming, we expect more pools will upgrade to this style in the coming years. That means Rails swimmers will be using them at dual meets (and maybe at State!) in the future. Because using the new blocks will require a some adjustment, we wanted our swimmers to have a plenty of time to get used to them.

The new blocks are black, have a side step up and a maroon & gold foot choke. We can’t wait for them to be installed by the start of summer club swimming. Stay tuned for real photos.

Go Rails!


Front view


Side view

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