Meet The Seniors: Olivia Simpson

It’s time to introduce our third senior in the Meet The Seniors series. These pots are a chance for all of our fans to see what great young ladies help lead our team and have been swimming with us for years.

Olivia4Olivia Simpson

Olivia is a four year member of the Lincoln Girls Swim Team and a member of the middle school swim teams prior to that. Olivia started out as a IM swimmer and breaststroker, but has turned into one of the teams’ fastest sprinters over the last two years.

Years on the team: 4 years

Years spent swimming: Total of 8 years, from YMCA swimming to Lincoln Swimming

Biggest Swimming Accomplishment: Hitting a :26 off the blocks in the 50 free as a junior at the regional meet.

Favorite Win: Beating Hoover as a junior.

Olivia2Coach’s Comments: “Olivia has turned in to one of the hardest working kids I have ever coached, both during the season and in the off season. She has made an effort since the beginning of her junior year to be a leader on this team, and as a team we have been lucky to have her work ethic and motivation. I hope all of this proves to be worth it as a senior, with a trip to Marshalltown and swimming in the state pool!”

-Brayton Weber, Head Coach

Additional High School Activities: Track, National Council of Youth Leadership (NCYL)

Future Plans: Hasn’t made a choice yet, but will be at a 4 year college, possibly Iowa or Iowa State.

Last comments: Work hard! It is much more fun to work hard and win, rather then be lazy and lose!Seniors4

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