First Meet Monday vs. Ames

The Rails will be kicking off the start of meets in Ames on Monday (8/26). Ames is a tough opponent but that means the girls will have some great races all night long. This meet will have diving with several girls showing off their high-flying skills.

We won’t post a pre-meet article for every meet. But don’t forget – you can always see meet details on our Facebook page events. Feel free to invite and/or share with your friends. We’d love to have Maroon & Gold fill the stands! We will also tweet during most meets for the fans that can’t make it. Just go to You don’t need to have an account to view our tweets.

After each meet, we usually post a recap. The story highlights a few great swims from members of the team information about the meet and includes photos and information from the meet.

Meet Details
Team Bus Departure Time: 2:30PM (at the latest)
Where: Ames High School
Start Time: 5:00PM (note the earlier time!)
Cost: $5 per adult

Meet Guidelines for Swimmers
Just a reminder on meet guidelines before, during, and after the meet.

Before the meet, swimmers will ride to Ames (and any away meet) together. They will also do their normal meet warm-up.

During the meet – swimmers are expected to stay with their team. It can be tempting at pools with stands on the deck to hang out with family and/or friends, but they need to be cheering for teammates. (Of course, they can stop by quickly after a race, to grab money, etc. We’re referencing extended periods of time.)

After the meet, we’d prefer swimmers ride home on the bus. However, they can leave with family if needed. Be sure to talk to Coach Weber first if you’re not planning to ride home with the team. They’ll need to help clean up when we have home meets (put touchpads away, etc). Many times the swimmers will go out to eat after home meets or local away ones. When the meets are further from home (ex. Ames), we generally have parents pick-up pizza and drinks for the bus ride so we can get everyone home as quickly as possible.

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