Take the Website Tour!

This Rails Swimming website is a great tool for the program. It’s filled with information you’ll need for the entire season. Plus – we post photos, meet stats & recaps, and announcements. So if you haven’t had a chance to look check it out (or have forgotten where some things are), be sure to click around and come back often!

During season, the website is generally updated 2+ times a week. As we near the end, it may be updated several times a week with articles about meets, taper, middle school swimming, high school men’s swimming and more. Below we highlighted some key things to see.

Helpful Website Pages
Directions to our meets
Meet Schedule
School Records
Team Dinners
Thursday Breakfast Club (and Milk Donors)
and so much more!

Watch For These Future Posts
Pink in the Pool – the Lincoln Invite
Meet recaps and photo galleries
Meet the Seniors series
Meet the Team series
Team bonding events

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