Sign-Up for Club Meets on the New Website!

We have an important announcement – the South Des Moines Swim Club’s website is up and running! That means that going forward all club information will be posted on there and meet sign-ups will be there too. The pages and process will be the exact same.

Because it’s the first meet back from break, the meet sign-up will be open until Friday at noon.

Why Launch A New Website
While, originally, it was great to have everything related to Rails Swimming in place; now it can be a bit overwhelming to choose a team, a program, an age level, etc. And here we don’t have a great place to put all the information regarding the USA Swimming program. So we moved everything club related to its own site while the high school and middle school programs will remain here. Of course, we’ll post important updates on both sites since the high school teams and club teams help support each other.

The new site is still partially under construction, but feel free to explore. We’ll keep adding new pieces in the come days and weeks.

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