Signing Up For Swim Meets

Look for a button like this!

You may have noticed a new button in the sidebar of the website – a swim meet sign-up button.Rails Swimming uses online meet sign-ups to make signing your child up for meets easy and convenient. With online meet sign-ups, you can sign up whenever you want during the sign-up timeframe. This means we don’t have to spend valuable practice time do it. Plus – we get an electronic record of everything, making it quicker on our end too.

Or a button like this!

Club Meet Sign-Ups
Signing up for meets is very easy. The buttons are color-coded for the maroon and gold team. You simply click the button, type the needed information (don’t forget to pick Maroon or Gold team from the drop down), and hit submit! Be sure you sign up in the designated timeframes found on the Practice & Meet Schedules page to the right of the meet schedule. Due to the size of our team, we can’t accept late entries. More detailed instructions are within the sign-up process itself.

Coaches review the entries to form relays so we don’t sign anyone up who won’t be there. If you’re new and wondering what your child should swim, we recommend short distance freestyle and backstroke events.

The Middle School button looks like this.

Middle School Meet Sign Ups
We know some of our club swimmers are also middle schoolers. The middle school program has meets that only middle schoolers can attend, where they swim against other schools from around Des Moines. MS Girls have their first meet this coming Tuesday (11/6). Whenever there is a middle school meet, you need to sign-up using the Middle School button. This sign-up page provides you the events available at middle school meets.

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