Breaststroke – Be Patient

Breaststroke can be a challenging stroke. Make sure you continue to turn over your arms and don’t stop your stroke while taking a proper breath. If you’re new to breaststroke, practice the kicking movement and pulling motion separately before you try to put them together!

Always remember to keep your elbows high. This allows for a proper recovery and won’t interfere with your glide. Use the powerful whip kick to propel your body forward during the arm recovery. This kick creates the glide through the water. Don’t rush the stroke – if you just try to move faster, you’ll actually swim slower.

A tight streamline and breakout stroke with a dolphin kick is necessary to make your breaststroke the best it can be. Your streamline off the wall is when you’re moving the fastest. Maximize your streamline by being patient with the underwater pull. Don’t hurry it!

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