Meet The Seniors: Evan Chidley

We’d like to indroduce our second senior in the Meet The Seniors series. These posts offer a great chance for all of our fans to see what wonderful (and spunky!) young ladies help lead our team.

Evan Chidley

Evan Chidley joined the team as a freshman and has been vocal member ever since! Her fun and outragous personality kept the team entertained during long practices and meets. Evan continues to lead by example her senior year as she pushes the team to swim with intensity, focus and passion. She swims the distance events and in the free relays. Learn more about Evan below.

Years on the team: 4
Years spent swimming: 7
Favorite Swimming Memory: I have a lot. Kelsey Edwards’ funny imitations, Megan LaSuer’s favorite pose, all the team’s inside jokes and swearing as I fell into the pool before my 200 Free during sophomore year!
Biggest Swimming Accomplishment: Hopefully it hasn’t happened yet! 😉
Favorite Win: LHS Invite 2012.
Favorite Swimming Quotes: Get in, get it done and get out!
Favorite Food From a Team Dinner: Chocolate covered strawberries (LaSuer), real tacos (Santiago) and the frozen s’mores dessert (Song). So good!
Message For the Team: Come to summer swimming!  It goes fast, enjoy it while you can.
Coaches’ Comments: 
“Evan has been a vocal leader on our team for all four years she has been here. Especially in the last two years, Evan has pushed herself to be a leader in off-season training and in all the in-season workouts, pushing her teammates harder and expecting the best out of them. We have been rebuilding this squad for three years, and I happy that someone like Evan has been part of it, helped with it, and is now able to see all that hard work pay off her senior year.” – Brayton Weber

“Evan has really grown into a strong leader since she started swimming. She’s always been a loud and vocal team supporter, but this year she’s really focused on getting the team motivated for meets. She strives for her best every time, even when she doesn’t feel like a race or a meet is coming together. That desire to succeed will greatly help her in the future and I’m excited to see what Evan has in store for the world outside of Lincoln.” 
– Tereca Weber

Additional High School Activities:
Varsity Track
Favorite TV Shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Awake, American Horror Story. I also like the movie Inception.
Future Plans: University of Iowa to study Biology
Last Comments: We’re probably one of the weirdest teams at Lincoln, but we’re also one of the best!

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