Rails Have Team Tie Dye Event

Last year the team began a new tradition of creating t-shirts. Everyone did puffy paint last year, and while the shirts were great, the time committment to make them wasn’t.

So this year – the t-shirt tradition evolved into using tie dye! Tie dye is a much quicker (though more messy) process, that still allows for personalization, creativity and team bonding. Some girls plan to still add their names to their shirts with bandanas and puffy paint or iron-on letters.

Everyone was having too much fun to snap a bunch of photos. But next year should be even better now that we’ve had some practice! We hope to take a few photos of the finished products and will share them when we do. So stay tuned!

Interested in trying tie dye? Here’s some tips:

  • Clearly mark your small spray bottles as you put the powdered dye in. Otherwise dark blue and purple (or orange and yellow) may look the same.
  • Have all your materials close at hand so you can mix all of the colors up and get ready to tie die quicker.
  • Don’t forget salt!
  • Wet your shirt (shorts, chamois, etc) in advance of folding for your design, it will help it keep the proper shape when you rubber band.
  • Have fun with the design! You can create stripes, swirls, double swirls (or triple!), stars, hearts, waves and more.
  • Rubber band the sections of your shirt where you want colors to go. Dedicate an entire section to a single color for traditional tie dye results.
  • Put some dye in the folds. Don’t just cover the top layer of cloth. Don’t forget the back.
  • Don’t over-dye. If you saturate every square inch of the fabric (folds and all), there won’t be any white to help with the design. A happy dye medium is key!
  • Plastic wrap the final results and let them sit over night. Be sure you don’t have the colors touch each other inside the wrap, or you’ll have them bleed together where you don’t want them too.
  • The next day, rinse out throughly in a sink. The first couple times you wash (and dry) your tie dye items, you may want to do them solo. Otherwise you could dye other clothes!

Here’s a couple finished products!

Emma Edwards’ T-Shirt
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