Rails Head to Perry for Double Dual

It’s a “two meet” week, with the Rails heading to Perry for a double-dual meet. Tonight (8/23) they’ll swim against the Perry and Algona swim teams at 6:30 p.m. The Rails are aiming for two wins so they can end the first week of meets with a 2-1 record.

A double dual meet works differently than most meets. Since three meets are happening simultaneously (Perry vs. Algona, Lincoln vs. Perry, and Lincoln vs. Algona), each team is only allowed two varsity swimmers in each event. The scoring is different too. For individual events, it is: 4-3-1 for first, second and third place respectively. For relays, it is: 6-3-1 for first, second or third.

Meet Directions
Perry does not swim at the high school so below are instructions to the city pool.

  1. Come into Perry from Hwy 141 (passing the new Wal-Mart) 
  2. When you get to Perry, you will go past Dallas County Hospital on the right which is 10th St.
  3. Turn right at the next street, 8th St. 
  4. Continue north on 8th Street past the water tower until you reach the corner of 8th St and Pattee St. Turn right. 
  5. The next left will be into the parking lot of the McCreary Community Building. The address is:
    1800 Pattee St
    Perry, Iowa 50220
  6. There is a fenced area along the pool side of the building. Follow the sidewalk along the theater to access the pool.   The gate will be open for direct access into the pool area.
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