Conference Meet Information

The Conference Championship Meet is here! This big and exciting meet is a chance for your swimmers to showcase all that they’ve learned as they strive for medals, ribbons and their fastest times of the season. They’ll be competing against five other swim teams from around the Des Moines Metro area.

The meet is broken into two days to keep its length manageable. 11 years old and older will swim Friday, July 20th in the evening. Swimmers 10 years old and younger will swim Saturday, July 21st in the morning. It’s also seeded in advance, so we’ll have programs for sale. The programs allow you to track your swimmer’s heat and lane so you’ll know when they are about to swim.

Meet Warm-Up & Start Times
Friday, July 20: Warm-ups start at 4:30PM. Meet starts at 5:30PM
Saturday, July 21: Warm-ups start at 8:30AM. Meet starts at 9:30AM

Both portions of the meet are expected to last approximately 3 hours each.

How It Works
Swimmers will be in the Roundhouse Gym located just above the pool. This allows them to spread out and relax between races, since this meet is a longer one. We encourage a few parents to be upstairs with the swimmers and be sure to watch your valuables at all times. Feel free to bring bag chairs, blankets, sleeping bags and several towels. It’s also a good idea to bring some healthy snacks like water, fruit, and crackers to snack on during the meet.

The Clerk of Course is in the gym too. The numbers/events will be announced via loud-speaker. Swimmers will be organized on the bleachers near the Clerk of Course by heat and lane. They will be taken in order downstairs where they will remain in line. A coach will check their order and send them out behind the blocks. This way no one gets lost and everyone is in the right spot. Plus, it keeps swimmers from milling around on deck.

Note: While we try to post the numbers being called by the Clerk of Course in the pool area, we can’t guarantee it’s always up-to-date. It is important for all swimmers to be upstairs while they are not swimming to ensure they don’t miss events.

Conference T-Shirts & Concessions
Conference T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts and sweatshirts will also be for sale in the gym. The shirts are made right in front of you! This allows you to choose the graphics you’d like on your apparel, like funny swim sayings or the dates of the meet. The cost ranges from approx. $15-$40 depending on the graphics and apparel chosen. Look for a $3 off coupon in the program!

Concessions will be open too and will have a wide variety of items for sale. This includes pop, chips, nachos, hot dogs, and much more. Keep in mind that junk food and swimming don’t always go well together. To achieve the fastest times in the water, it’s best to keep your child(ren) from snacking on nachos, candy, pop etc. right before their races. Since swimmers are in the gym, they can bring water, crackers and fruit to enjoy during the meet.

We’re excited for the upcoming meet. We hope to see you there!

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