Converting Times: Meters vs. Yards

Swimming pools are measured in yards or meters. Most pools in the Des Moines area are in yards. But many outdoor, collegiate, and olympic pools are in meters.

Because of this – times can be converted from one measurement to the other to provide an approximation of the race time in either pool. Some coaches believe conversion times run fast, while others say they are slow. Ultimately, it’s designed just to give an approximation.

There are several great time converters on the web. However, many only covert times for 50 yards/meters or greater. With our club team, obviously we have swimmers swimming 25 yards. That’s why we like this time converter.

Using the Time Converter
1. Pick the measurement you’re converting From (For the recent Indianola meet – this would be “short course meters”).
2. Pick the distance of the event (25, 50, 100, etc).
3. Pick the stroke of the race.
4. Pick the measurement you’re converting To (For the recent Indianola meet – this would be “short course yards”).
5. Enter the actual time swam the race. This goes under the From entry field.
6. HitConvert. 

To reset the converter, simply hit clear.

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