Indianola Meet Info

The Gold team will swim against Indianola next Monday (7/2). Since most of our swimmers haven’t swam at an outdoor pool, here’s tips and additional information.

1. Head towards HWY 65/69 by your route of choice.
2. Go South on HWY 65/69
3. Turn right (west) on E Girard Ave
4. Turn left (north) on N D St
5. Turn right (west) on W Detroit Ave
6. Aquatic Center will be on your right: 714 W. Detroit Ave, Indianola, Iowa 50125

Weather Information
In the event of lightning & thunderstorms, the meet will be cancelled. However, light rain generally means the meet will continue. If the meet is cancelled, we’ll combine the teams for following week against Altoona. This way every swimmer will have the opportunity for three meets before the conference meet.

Because this meet is outside, it could be very hot. You may want to bring sunscreen and extra water and/or Gatorade.

Concession Stand
Many times, outdoor meets will have a concession stand, which many of our club meets do not. What’s great about this is that you can grab snacks and drinks right at the pool. What’s not great is that swimming and junk food don’t always go well together. To achieve the fastest times in the water, it’s best to keep your child(ren) from snacking on nachos, candy, pop etc. during the meet, especially right before their races.

Swim Tips
– Practice swimming backstroke without the ceiling lines during warm-ups. Some outdoor pools have guide lines between the flags to help swimmers stay straight, others don’t. This is often the biggest challenge kids will face swimming in an outdoor pool.
– Practice turns during warm-ups. Normally our swimmers do this anyway, but at an outdoor pool, the walls can be a different size then they are used to. Because of this, it’s important to practice a few extra turns to feel confident during the race. 
– Bring tinted goggles if you have some. It’s not worth buying new goggles for one meet, but if you have tinted goggles at home, now is a great chance to use them! The darker color helps block out the sun in case it’s a very sunny evening. You may also want to bring your normal/clear goggles, in case it’s a cloudy day. If you don’t have tinted goggles, don’t worry! Lincoln’s pool can be very bright sometimes too, so your swimmers are likely used to the glare.

Good luck! Go Rails!

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