Rails Swimming Makes Norwalk Press AGAIN

The press exposure for Rails Swimming keeps on coming! We were recently featured twice in this week’s Norwalk paper (the 3/15 edition)! You can read both articles here and here.

How Articles Are Submitted
The Rails Swimming coaches take care the Des Moines Register. We often submit articles after big meets for all seasons (high school and club) and with registration details for each club season.

However, we don’t submit anything to the surrounding area papers. Generally a team representative from Norwalk has photos and meet/team details and submits them to the paper.

Interested in getting Rails Swimming published in your local paper? Be sure you have a photo. Newspapers like photos because they are visually interesting. Don’t forget to think of other places that publish community news like church bulletins and, especially, school newspapers (or newsletters)! These school publications are often looking for news – os if you can offer it up, there’s a good chance of being published.

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