Final MidWest Regional Qualifiers

Congrats Rails!

All of our original MidWest Regional Qualifers made the cut in at least one event. Here’s the final event entries for the big meet March 31st.

You can learn more about the meet online.

How The Cut Works
For big meets, there are cut-times in place for swimmers to hit. Once you hit a cut-time, you’ve qualified in that event. You can qualify in as many events as allowed by the meet. 

Once all of the original qualifiers are known, the meet host goes through and does a cut.  This cut brings down the total number of swimmers in each event to a desired number. The swimmers that make the cut get to swim in the meet!

For example: In the 50 Free, the cut-time could be 30.00 seconds. If 50 swimmers go that time, they all qualify for the meet. But if the host only wants 24 entries in each event, they will cut the list down to the 24 swimmers with the fastest times. These 24 swimmers will actually swim at the meet.

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