Introducing Online Meet Sign-Ups

For the four meets after the break, we’ll be doing online meet sign-ups! You may have noticed the new button in the sidebar of the website. Clicking it takes you to an informational page about meet sign-ups. A few simple steps and your child(ren) will be ready to swim!

  1. Click the “Swim Meet Sign-Up” button.
  2. Choose the type of meet (Club, YMCA, Middle School).
  3. Read the instructions on the page about the meet, including the sign-up timeframes.
  4. Choose an age-appropriate entry form.
  5. Complete the form.
  6. Submit!

This saves the coaches time at practice, helps ensure entries are accurate, and allows you to sign your child up whenever’s convenient for you!  Of course, we’ll send reminder emails when the sign-up opens and the day the sign-up closes so you won’t miss it.

Thanks for your support and help in making the sign-up process as smooth as possible!

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