Rails Top Indianola by 20 Points!

The Rails won against their first conference opponent, Indianola on Tuesday (9/2). The meet was filled with some close races, good swims and pretty diving!

The girls team is now 4-1 overall and 1-0 against conference opponents. Check out some meet highlights below.

Meet Highlights

  • The Medley Relay’took first with a 2:03
  • Jolynn Harris dove a 262.55, 3.75 points from the school record
  • Jordyn Dubois won the 100 Fly
  • Sara Bennett took first in the 100 Free and Abi Contreras took second!


Check out all the photos from each meet on Shutterfly. Contact Angie Bennett for full information.

Up Next
Lincoln vs. Ottumwa: The Rails head on The Beach Ottumwa Tuesday, Sept. 8th to face another conference opponent. Ottumwa has some solid swimmers and the girls are hoping for good race to improve their seeds for the upcoming Pink in the Pool invite.

Rails are 1-1 on the Season!

BooneDualMeetThe high school girls kicked off the season Tuesday (8/26) with a double dual against Boone and Grinnell. The girls piled into a school bus and made the 60 minute drive to Boone aiming to start out the season right.

The meet was a close one! While the Rails had a convincing lead over Grinnell, they had to make up some ground over Boone. Due to some great swimming and diving, the gap closed as the meet wound down to the 400 Free Relay – winner take all!

The Rails swam great, but ultimately Boone out-touched the Rails by .3 of second! Such a close finish! Still, it was a great meet with times vastly improved over last season at this time and even from time trials.

Meet Highlights

  • Jordan Greenwood swam the 200 Free in 2:08.71
  • Ane Skartvedt’s 200 IM time of 2:32.38 and 100 Breaststroke time of 1:17.12
  • Jolynn Harris’s dive score of 233.75 (7th in the state!)
  • Jordyn Dubois 100 Fly time of 1:08.07 and taking first place
  • Valeria Santiago taking second in the 100 Fly with a time of 1:09.30
  • Sara Bennett’s 500 Free time of 5:55.83
  • 400 Free Relay’s (Bennett, Dubois, Skartvedt, Greenwood)time of 4:00.96. Plus – Greenwood ‘s split of :56 seconds!

Up Next
Lincoln vs. Perry & Algona: On Thurday (8/28), the Rails head to Perry for another double dual meet. This start time is a little later – 6:30PM. We hope to see more fast times from the meet and to see our fans cheering on the team!

Team Bonding Tie Dye Event

TieDyeThis fun team activity took place after time trials last Saturday (8/16/14). It’s made an appearance last few years as an alternative to puffy paint. Tie dye is tons of fun and has officially become a team tradition!

The girls had fun choosing designs like swirl, scrunch, or lines. They also selected from a wide variety of colors to make their masterpiece designs!

A big thank you to everyone who participated!

Swim Buddies Announced!

For over 20 years, the high school girls team has done a team member gift exchange to get motivated and excited for meets. While the name and style has changed through the years, this fun team activity has become a tried and true tradition.

The current Swim Buddy program pairs two swimmers together for the purpose of exchanging gifts, cards, food, and/or other items before meets. This helps the girls get to know one another better and get ready for competition.

2014 Swim Buddies List
Jordyn Dubois & Jessica Warrell
Jordan Hanson & Jolynn Harris
Abigail Contreras & Summer Struve
Alexis Trucano & Jordan Greenwood
Nyla Lamp & Allison Kochheiser
Ane Skartvedt & Anna Dotts
Caitlyn Belden & Valeria Santiago
Haley Allen & Sara Bennett & Marnie Hoefler

Below are few common questions regarding Swim Buddies.

How Are Swim Buddies Decided?
Swim Buddies are created randomly. The team roster is typed into Random.org’s list randomizer and submitted. The results are displayed in a random order and we simply match 1 & 2 together, 3 & 4 together and so on. The only thing we change is if sisters are partnered.

How Often Do I Give (& Get) Something?
We encourage the girls to work this out between themselves. Some Buddies decide to do something every meet, some only for road trips, and others for a few specific meets during the year.

Wondering what’s common? Normally Buddies exchange gifts at the first meet of the year, a few big meets (or road meets) during season and the last meet of the year.

This is not meant to be a stressful thing so we strongly recommend working out expectations in advance!

What Are Gift Ideas & How Much Do I Spend?
Like above, this is something usually worked out between the girls. Some spend $5+ each gift exchange while others only do homemade treats. Ideas include: Gatorade, water, Goldfish or other crackers, fruit, balloons, candy/cookies (for after the meet!) and similar items.

A typical example of a Swim Buddy gift is: Gatorade/water, Goldfish, a piece of fruit, balloon or homemade “Good Luck” card. But we’ve seen all kinds of fun ideas from Subway to stuffed animals!

Learn More about High School Swimming

High school girls swimming starts in just under two weeks! Time has been flying by this off-season as the girls worked hard to stay in shape. In fact, they’ve seen some fast times at the club meets with many near (or at) their personal bests! This is great news for the team, since we’ve all watched those state cut-off times get faster and faster.

What’s Different About HS Swimming
High school swim season works differently than club swimming. With several new team members, we wanted to post a few things to remember about the upcoming season.

  • Practices are mandatory, unless otherwise stated. A big test, homework, or a long day at school aren’t valid reasons for missing. But don’t worry, the hard work will pay off!
  • Meets are mandatory too. We’ll travel to away meets as a team. Swimmers are welcome ride home with their parents, but don’t forget to tell Coach Weber.
  • Meets are scored. After each event, the score is updated. To make it easier to keep track, we provide score sheets in our meet programs.
    Individual events: 1st place – 6 points, 2nd – 4 points, 3rd – 3 points, 4th – 2 points, and 5th – 1 point.
    Relay: 1st place – 8 points, 2nd place – 4 points and 3rd place – 2 points. No team can score more than two of their relays.
  • Several meets will have diving. It counts as an individual event and occurs after the 50 Free.
  • All swimmers stay on deck and out of the stands during meets. At this level, swimming is a team sport so cheering for your teammates and being supportive on deck is a must.
  • You represent yourselves, the swim program and Lincoln High School at all times. Keep that in mind when tweeting, posting and sharing.
  • Have fun. While every team or coach says this, the swim team means it! Go to team dinners, join in on bonding events, head to dinner to celebrate a meet win and more!

Go Rails! We’re looking forward to another successful season!

New Blocks Installed over July 4th Weekend!

blocksThat’s right – the brand new (and very expensive) blocks have been installed! These blocks play an important part in preparing high school swimmers for the coming season and beyond.

The blocks are designed to maximize a swimmers potential speed right off the blocks. But they take some getting used too! This is especially true when it comes to the foot choke: using it, knowing which setting is right for each swimmer and how to move it where it should be.

Because of all this, we’re very excited to have the blocks in well before the start of season! Now everyone will have 4-6 weeks to practice using them before meet competitions begin.

Great things happening at the Lincoln Pool!

Go Rails!!

Coming Soon: New Blocks!


Side angle view

We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be getting new blocks! After generous donations by BLH, Lincoln Athletics, SDMS, swimming alums and several Southside businesses, we raised the all of the money needed for new blocks – $19,000!

This new style of block is designed to improve starts, especially when using the foot choke. A foot choke runs across the back of the block providing a platform for the swimmer to push off of which improves their start’s power and momentum. Now that they’re legal for Iowa high school swimming, we expect more pools will upgrade to this style in the coming years. That means Rails swimmers will be using them at dual meets (and maybe at State!) in the future. Because using the new blocks will require a some adjustment, we wanted our swimmers to have a plenty of time to get used to them.

The new blocks are black, have a side step up and a maroon & gold foot choke. We can’t wait for them to be installed by the start of summer club swimming. Stay tuned for real photos.

Go Rails!


Front view


Side view

Men’s Team Celebrates Season

The men’s team celebrated a successful season at Monday’s (2/17) end-of-season banquet.

The 2013-2014 season was filled with surprises and triumphs. When season started November 11th, the team was made up of six returning members and 14 rookies. One of the best things about this season is the way the guys all came together, supported each other and really bonded. The coaches often heard they were like brothers – and that is a great thing!

Then there were the meets! The team won several close meets this year. In fact, three were by 7 points or less. Being able to do so is another credit to the guys; from top to bottom, they learned how to perform under pressure.

Lastly was the big district & state meets! As mentioned district night, it was the best performance ever. Not only did 100% of the team drop time of their seed times, the guys also dropped more time per 100 yards (2.65 seconds!) then any other team before. Then the Rails headed to state where the relay dropped more time and finished 23rd!

Of course, banquet was also a time for awarding junior varsity and varsity letters along with the team awards. See the award recipients below.

Junior Varsity Letters
The coaches were proud to award 5 first year junior varsity letters to:
Mason Cord
Domenic Gardner
Ryan Jump
Riley May
Logan Olsen

Varsity Letters
The coaches were proud to award 15 varsity letters to:
Christian Belden (2nd year)
Robby Blaylock (1st year)
Gennaro Cataldo (2nd year)
Tom Chidley (3rd year)
Abraham Contreras (3rd year)
Drew Garrett (1st year)
Devin Greenwood (1st year)
Alec Haltom (1st year)
Caleb Meyer (2nd year)
Lucas Signor (1st year)
Andrew Speck (1st year)
Tyler Whitehead (1st year)
Tanner Wood (1st year)
Carter Worth (4th year)
Cooper Worth (1st year)

Team Awards
Most Valuable Player: Carter Worth
Tom Cady Achievement Award: Carter Worth
Rookie of the Year: Cooper Worth
Most Improved: Robby Blaylock and Christian Belden
Workhorse Award: Tom Chidley
Team Captains: Carter Worth, Abraham Contreras and Tom Chidley


Team Award Descriptions
Most Valuable Player (Outstanding Swimmer of the Year Award):
This award is given to a swimmer that displays team leadership and excellent swimming abilities.  Prior to 2005, the award was given only to swimmers who had been members of the team for at least two years. In 2005, the requirements were changed to allow a swimmer of any age displaying outstanding leadership skills and swimming ability to receive the MVP award.

Tom Cady Achievement Award: This award was created in 2007, 40 years after Tom Cady first became a Lincoln swim coach. It’s given out to a swimmer or diver that displays a year-long dedication to the sport of swimming, and thus a dedication to the Lincoln Swim Team.  This award recognizes swimmers for their dedication, not just their ability. This award was dedicated to Tom to thank him for his life long dedication to the sport of swimming and, more specifically, to Lincoln High School.

Rookie of the Year: This award is given to the best “rookie” of the season. It recognizes a team newcomer for their contributions made to the team including ability, dedication and success in competition. The award doesn’t have to be given to a freshman, but rather can be awarded to any swimmer who completed their first season on the team.

Most-Improved: This award can be awarded using two sets of criteria, the swimmer that improved the most during one season or the swimmer that improved the most from a prior season. Sometimes, there is a winner using each set of criteria because both improvements deserve recognition and acknowledgement.

Workhorse Award: This award, simply put, is given to the athlete who works the hardest. They are at practice on time, don’t miss sets during practice, and don’t miss practices in general. They put a lot of effort into the season, and this award recognizes that hard work. At times this award is given to a junior varsity team member and a varsity team member.

Team Captains: Team Captains are awarded at the end of each season by the coaches. The Team Captains are the athletes that demonstrated great leadership ability throughout the season on a consistent basis.

Middle School Boys Dominate City Meet

The middle school boys (MSB) swimmers had the last meet of their MSB season on Tuesday (2/11), the big City Meet! And the boys did great. In fact, the Rails were on the podium in every event, usually representing more than one place!

Meet Highlights
Below are just a few meet highlights from the meet. We can’t recognize everyone, so be sure to check out the full meet results to see all of the great swims.

  • The Medley Relay (Clark, Whitlatch, Santiago, Espinoza) took first! We also took had a third place relay.
  • Brayden Clark took second in the 50 Free with a 28.09
  • Miguel Espinoza took third 28.66 in the 50 Free. Plus the Rails toko fourth and sixth.
  • Javier Santiago’s 100 IM time of 1:13.30 took third place.
  • Troy Johnson’s 39.66 in the 50 Back earned him third place. Plus the Rails took fourth and fifth.
  • Miguel Espinoza took first in the 100 Free with 1:02.05
  • Brayden Clark’s 100 Free time of 1:03.69 earned him second place. The Rails also took sixth.
  • The Rails took third, fourth, and fifth in the 50 Fly. Congrats Santiago, Johnson and Irvin!
  • Sam Whitlatch earned first place in the 50 Breaststroke with a time of 37.80. The Rails also took fourth and fifth.
  • 200 Sprint Relay of Espinoza, Whitlatch, Santiago, Clark took first place with a time of 1:58.39! Plus the Rails took third and sixth.

Congrats to all the guys! Go Rails!

State Relay In The News

KCCI VideoIt was a first for Lincoln Swimming – a TV interview with KCCI!

The Rails state relay team of Christian Belden, Tom Chidley, Carter Worth and Cooper Worth was interviewed on Monday (2/10) about going to state with a focus on brotherly love. Having brothers on the same relay attending state is another Rails Swimming first!

Check out the full video!


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