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High School Girls Seasons Kick Off in 10 Days!

The start of high school girls season is just 10 days away! Though that means summer break is almost over and the State Fair is almost here, it also means 18 girls will be working hard to have a successful year! This year’s team has been practicing all summer to prep for the upcoming season, including in-water and dryland training designed to increase stamina and strength.

The girls have big goals for the season, including heading to state, breaking a school record (or two!) and a solid winning record. Not to mention, individuals have personal goals…[Read More

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Learn More about High School Swimming

High school girls swimming starts in just under two weeks! Time has been flying by this off-season as the girls worked hard to stay in shape. In fact, they’ve seen some fast times at the club meets with many near (or at) their personal bests! This is great news for the team, since we’ve all watched those state cut-off times get faster and faster…[Read More]


New Blocks Installed over July 4th Weekend!

That’s right – the brand new (and very expensive) blocks have been installed! These blocks play an important part in preparing high school swimmers for the coming season and beyond. The blocks are designed to maximize a swimmers potential speed right off the blocks…[Read More]


Coming Soon: New Blocks!

We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be getting new blocks! After generous donations by BLH, Lincoln Athletics, SDMS, swimming alums and several Southside businesses, we raised the all of the money needed for new blocks – $19,000!…[Read More]

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Winter Registration Now Open for Club Swimming!

The summer season just ended, but SDMS is already gearing up for the the Winter season, which begins Oct. 20, 2014 and ends Feb. 24, 2015. There are several practice options divided by skill level. Plus, SDMS boasts the lowest swimmer-to-coach ratio in Des Moines.
[Learn more about SDMS club swimming here!]


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